Rainbow Bridge 2015

  Izzy, (Bob's Eden):  October 27, 2007 to November 20, 2015

Izzy was such a sweet girl and we were grateful to have had her in our lives and thankful the opportunity to care for her.  We loved her very much.      Wayne and Karen

 Ringo (Racin Ringo):  February 23, 2008 to November 9, 2015

Ringo, the two-legged wonder Greyhound, lost his battle with cancer. After the most extreme effort and desire to live, Ringo went to the Rainbow Bridge at only 7 years old. He was an inspiration to many and will always be remembered as the boy who wouldn't give up. What heart he had!!  He is greatly missed by Kristin and Christian, TAGS alums, Luke and Hildy and all who knew him.
 Cricket (aka: Kylie):  April 21, 2010 to October ?, 2015

Cricket is greytly missed by Ian, Sara and family.

Guinness (Jr. B's Gamer, SC):  March 22, 2004 to August 14, 2015

Twice LGRA Reserve National Champion, BIF Greyhound Club of Am. Southern Region Lure Coursing, and sweetest dog ever. 2004 - 2015 Their lives are just too shortHe was Sam's best friend and we will miss him terribly.    The Haggard Family 

 Ashton (Whistler's Twig):  March 8, 2003 to May 28, 2015

We say goodbye to our darling Ashton. She passed away in her usual spot at the front door waiting for the kids to come home this afternoon. Run fast sweet girl!   
  The LaGesse Family 

 Pistol (Dynamite Pistol):  March 22, 2004 to May 25, 2015

Miss Pistol, aka, Pistola, Peedle, Loodle, (and various other nicknames), was our very first greyhound. She welcomed in many fosters during her retirement years as a Brotherson, but her best friend was her human sister, Molly. Even though they had a rough beginning, they had kindred spirits and grew to love each other immensely as the years passed. Her toothy, big smile will be missed, but we are comforted to know that she is running pain free at the Rainbow Bridge.

 Remy (Chenaab):  July 21, 2008 to May 22, 2015

Remy is greytly missed by Oodie, Melody, Violet and Darius.

 Chloe (M's Midnightmesa):  January 4, 2002 to April 4, 2015

Chloe aka Miss Midnight Mesa has joined her sibs at the Rainbow Bridge this morning. She was a cancer survivor and passed due to kidney failure. She was 13.5y old and a most unusual girl that was passionate about everything. She will be greatly missed.    The LaGesse Family 

       Milady:  April 1, 2003 to March 25, 2015

Milady will be greatly missed by Christian, Kristin, Ringo and Luke.     

       Carmen:  July 2001 to March 14, 2015

Missed by her dad, Rock.    

      Denny (Sam's Denny Go):  May 26, 2002 to March 11, 2015

Loved lots and greatly missed by his family, Jennifer, Chris, Ethan and Jaxon.    

       Splash (Bob's Splash):  June 14, 2006 to March 6, 2015

Sweet Splash is greatly missed by her mom, Missy.  She joined her sister Gabby at the Rainbow bridge. 

       Gabby (Jabboty):  August 12, 2005 to March 3, 2015

Gabby is greatly missed by her mom, Missy.    

      Bowie (Bingo Episode):  April 30, 2002 to February 3, 2015

Sweet, goofy boy, Bowie is greatly missed by his mom and dad, Colleen and Mike.   

      Mitsy:  July 2, 2013 to January 20, 2015

It is with great sadness that TAGS informs its friends and supporters of the loss of Mitsy due to surgery complications.  Mitsy joins the company of others that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge before her.  She enjoyed only a short time with the TAGS family and will be missed by all.  Run like the wind, sweet little girl.


The TAGS Family

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