Rainbow Bridge 2011

Matlock:  November 16, 2001 - October 10, 2011 

Matlock was a excellent companion and great ambassador for greyhounds. Fun loving when necessary and soulful when needed. I miss him dearly. As everyone says of their most favorite pet, he was one of a kind, the best pet anyone could share their life with. I was fortunate to have my heart touched by Matlock. ~ Carol

Lady Belle (aka Ramie):  May 13, 2000 - September 26, 2011

Sweet Lady Belle, loved by the Lindly family.
Gabe:  June 2, 2000 - September 13, 2011

Keeping Fleet company.

 Zach:  June 22, 1997 - April 9, 2011 

My sweet, happy, little ole' man I miss you so much.  You were such a funny little guy who gave so much love and appreciation and only asked to be snuggled with and for a good variety of beef canned dog food to choose from.  Run free and healthy.  Love you lots!

 Asher:  July 16, 1999 - March 17, 2011 

Gone on to a better place where he will have no more issues, health or otherwise, to deal with.  Run free sweet Asher boy!

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