If you apply to adopt a TAGS Greyhound on and after March 15, 2023, the adoption fee will be $500.00.  
The non-refundable deposit will remain the same - 
$75.00 to be applied toward the adoption fee.

TAGS Adoption Application:

  • Complete the Online Adoption Application. 
  • Pay the Adoption Application fee online by clicking any “Donate” button on this website and specify "Adoption Application Fee" when asked for a description of the donation.
  • No Adoption Application will be processed until the application fee is paid.


Texas Adopt a Greyhound Society, Inc. appreciates your interest in adopting a Greyhound, which is a serious responsibility requiring a long-term commitment. Greyhounds are wonderful companion pets and will give you many years of love and devotion.  Greyhounds want to please and appreciate a strong and loving leader.  Many Greyhounds are placed into adoption as early as 18 months old.  The breed average life span of a Greyhound is 12 to 14 years, so you and your Greyhound companion can have many years together.

TAGS is dedicated to providing superior medical treatment of each Greyhound in its care.  During the time a dog is with TAGS, TAGS will give monthly heart worm preventative, flea and tick preventative as needed and treat each dog for parasites as necessary, all at no additional charge to the adopter.  

TAGS’ adoption application has been designed to evaluate potential adopters to ensure that each person who adopts a Greyhound is not only aware of that responsibility but also to address the suitability and permanence of each Greyhound placed in a home. TAGS has only the best interest of the Greyhound in mind. These dogs rely on us to place them into appropriate, loving, responsible homes. All adults in your household must agree to this adoption and sign the application.

Please read this application carefully and consider the importance of your responses. The information you provide in this application will aide TAGS and help you determine which Greyhound would best fit your personality and lifestyle.

Once your application is approved a TAGS volunteer will do a home visit prior to the final approval.  After the adoption is approved, TAGS will help you select the perfect companion.  When you have selected your Greyhound, the foster parent will deliver your new family member to your home, together with the adoption package containing your Greyhound's medical records. other paperwork and general Greyhound information. The foster parent will explain the information in the adoption package and answer any other questions you have. They will help you get your new Greyhound settled. TAGS offers continued support after adoption.

TAGS recommends that you read Adopting the Racing Greyhound by Cynthia Brannigan and Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies by Lee Livingood, whether you are an experienced Greyhound owner or a novice.  In addition, TAGS recommends that families with children who are interested in adopting a Greyhound read the bookChildproofing Your Dog: Complete Guide to Preparing Your Dog for the Children by S. Brian/Wilson Kilcommons. Unless you have previously owned a Greyhound or currently have a Greyhound or other large dog, families with young children should consider if the Greyhound is the right breed for your family.

There is a $500 non-refundable adoption fee. A $75 non-refundable deposit is required with submission of the application which will be applied to the adoption fee. The remaining $425 adoption fee is due when the Greyhound is adopted/delivered. For senior dogs (8 years or older) the adoption fee is $400 ($75 deposit does not change). 

The adoption fee includes:

  • Neuter/spay
  • All vaccinations (DHLPP, Bordetella & Rabies)
  • A CBC (complete blood count) with serum chemistry panel
  • A tick-borne disease panel* with medical treatment if needed for each
  • Heartworm and fecal test with negative test results
  • Dental cleaning and extractions as necessary
  • Martingale collar and leash 
  • Basket muzzle
  • Continued Support from TAGS

*This test, performed by Protatek Laboratory in Arizona, detects Ehrlichia canis, Babesia canis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme, all diseases prevalent in Texas transmitted from a tick bite. All of these diseases are treatable; however, if the Greyhound is not tested and treated as necessary, the disease can go undetected for years manifesting itself as different illnesses causing difficult, extensive and costly treatment and premature death.

All questions must be answered even if the answer is "none", "not applicable" or "unknown".  Your application will not be considered unless all questions are answered and the adoption deposit is paid.

Thank you for your interest in adopting a Greyhound from TAGS.  A TAGS volunteer will be in touch with you soon to discuss your application.