It Pays to be Prepared for Severe Weather for you and your Greyhounds Safety

With all the severe weather throughout the country, it will decrease your stress if you have a disaster preparation plan for you and your pets.  You may be stuck at home without power, you may need to go to a shelter or you may be required to evacuate to another area.


In anticipation of severe weather, keep a disaster preparation checklist:

 1. Create a plan for evacuating (pet friendly evacuation centers, hotels, out of-area-friends)

2. Make sure your pets’ identification tags and microchip registrations are current

3. Create lost-pet fliers and compile important phone numbers (vets, local shelters, etc.)

4. Have a potty plan (pee pads, extra plastic bags)

5. Gather food, water, medications and anxiety products (Thunder Shirt, Dog Appeasing Pheromone, Rescue Remedy), extra leash and collar

6. Check batteries in flashlights and radios

7. Prepare toys, treats, games for keeping the pets occupied

8. Pack an evacuation bag


In the event you and your pets are required to evacuate, make sure you take the following:

 1. Copies of medical records and important phone numbers

2. Write-on identification tag (to add the evacuation center’s information)

3. “Lost” poster with a recent photo      

4. Three to seven days’ worth of food, water and medication

5.  Food and water bowls

6. Anxiety products, if needed

7.  Chew toys

8. Waste bags and pee pads

9. Extra collar and leash

10. First aid supplies

11. Flashlight and batteries

12. Blankets

13. Crate or carrying bag.

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