Greyhound Vocabulary…

 Dogs can’t speak the human tongue but they certainly understand the value of certain words and reciprocate the communication in their own ways.

Penny and Jazz have quite the repertoire of vocabulary words to their credit. Their human minions have even resorted to the classic spelling of words designed to elude small children. Alas, Penny and Jazz have now learned to spell.

Of the words that can incite immediate energy comparable to a squirrel on caffeine, ‘cookie’ is the most well known and powerful. Even when the minions speak the magic word among themselves, eight-legs will jump up to cause a stampede and two greyt voices will ring out in consent. The look of loathing, pity, and ultimate grief will follow if an actual cookie is not presented.

‘Out,’ ‘outside,’ or ‘o-u-t’…the second most exciting group of words and the first they learned to spell. Even speaking of an ‘out’door grill gets a response. In relation to ‘out,’ Penny and Jazz also know ‘potty.’ The human minions have some pride in the knowledge of that word, which is perhaps the most useful. Whether Penny and Jazz associate it for what it is or just as another indication of going on a ‘walk’ is up for debate.

Aside from the standard ‘sit’ and ‘lay-down’ commands, Jazz knows the word ‘coconut.’ ‘Coconut’ and ‘cookie’ may be his favorite foods (and words!) in the entire world. Jazz has a grass allergy and takes his pills hidden in chunks of coconut oil. Never has a dog been so excited to take medication. His excitement at hearing the word and tasting the association is palpable.

Other words worthy of mention include: ‘teddy,’ ‘cow,’ ‘toy,’ ‘couch,’ ‘go,’ and ‘ride.’ Phrases ‘lay outside’ and ‘do you want’ are also well known.

The human minions can only hope that they don’t start talking back like kids one day!

Jazz  speaking his mind.