A Day in the Life…

6:00am: Stare at humans from bedroom door.

6:01am: No response from humans. Pass gas in room and leave. Return to sleep.

6:45am: Put cold nose in human’s face. Look innocent.

7:04am: Run through apartment, grab toy, throw onto human bed.

7:05am: Whine for toy.

7:06am: Grab another toy. Repeat.

7:10am: Human awake!

7:11am: Stalk bathroom door. Attempt to push door open.

Stalking the bathroom door.
Manically throwing and attacking toys.

7:13am: Manically throw and attack toys. Run entire length of apartment and spin in circles.

7:15am: Turn into pogo stick at sound of human grabbing leashes.

7:16am: Attempt to run down stairs. Stare at slow human.

7:17am: BUSH!

7:19am: TREE!

7:22am: BUSH!

7:35am: Run around kitchen island for breakfast. Inhale food.

7:37am: Give thanks; burp in human’s face.

7:38am: Grab toy, circle bed and sleep.

9:00am: Switch beds. Continue sleeping.

10:00am: Human busy, quietly get on couch and continue sleeping.

12:00pm: Hear leash. Perform pogo stick impression.

12:05pm: Stare at feathery neighbor. It talks and laughs like a human.

12:10pm: Back upstairs. Sleep; dream of chasing feathery neighbor.

1:00pm: Snore.

2:00pm: Roach.

3:00pm: Stretch. Swap beds.

4:00pm: Pass gas while sleeping.

5:30pm: Afternoon burst: perform choreographed dance with toy.

5:45pm: Leash! Pogo stick! Walk!

5:58pm: Drag behind human. Such a long walk!

6:00pm: Dinner performance with toy. Run around kitchen island.

6:03pm: Burp in human’s face.

6:04pm: Sleep.

7:00pm: Sleep.

8:00pm: Sleep.

9:00pm: Sleep.

10:00pm: Hear leash. Stare at human.

10:01pm: Finally get up.

10:02pm: Whine at toad on sidewalk.

10:03pm: Back upstairs.

10:04pm: Exhausting day. Sigh. Sleep.

Penny roaching!
Jazz sleeping...
Penny and Jazz, TAGS #1, live in Bryan/College Station with their human minions, Chris and Sarah.