The DFW Basenji Club is hosting an All Sighthounds Lure Coursing Fun Day at the Haggard's farm in Celina, TX on Saturday, Apr 25th.  As always, this fun day is designed for people and their sighthounds who have never coursed before, are too young to compete in competitive coursing, too old or delicate to run a longer competitive course or just want to come out and have a fun time with like minded owners and dogs.    There will be both a straight course of approximately 150 yards and an easy lure coursing layout of about 350 yards.  Just enough to give everybody a good time, but not enough to discourage first timers or old timers.  The lure coursing field is fenced with 5 strand smooth wire and the dog play area is fenced with  field fencing.  Start time will be 9:00 am with early arrivers getting first runs.  We will have a removable "squawker" for the straight racing, but only dogs in muzzles can chase it, as they would tear it up at the finish otherwise.  There will always be plastic bag bunnies to attack at the finish for all runs.

This is meant to be an introduction to coursing for those who have never tried it.  There will be instruction on the basic rules of coursing, as well as how to release and catch your dog, proper leash management, and best leash choices for future competitive lure coursing, so don't think you need to be an expert to come out.  In addition there will be a one and a half acre "dog park" field for owners who wish to turn their hounds loose to play together.  The only rule is that if the greyhounds are in the dog park, all dogs who go in with them must wear muzzles.  Greyhounds have paper thin skin and just tiny nips can create major tears, so everyone must be muzzled to go in with the greyhounds.  The greyhounds will come out, however, and then if you wish to let your dog play un-muzzled you are more than welcome to do so.  This play area often provides the most fun-to-watch antics of the day.  Games of tag pop up and everyone runs around having a great time before plopping down in a kiddy pool and cooling off until the next game of tag arises.  The puppies especially seem to love socializing with all of their new friends and playing leap frog and tag.  There will be doggie pools for cooling off on the field and in the play area.


The fee for the day is $10 per hound, which includes 3 runs after the "bunny" and lunch for one human per dog entry.  For all extra humans, lunch will be $5. each.  Maximum of $50 for any single household for the day.  Play time in the Dog Park area is free.  Lunch is always one of the highlights of the day.


There will be coffee and donuts to greet you free at sign-in, so come early and take advantage of the cooler temperatures for your hound.

All you need to bring is a leash and collar, and a kennel or exercise pen, if you don't want to sit and hold your dog all day.   Please use the plastic bags provided to pick up after your dog.  Please do NOT bring any treats into the play area because they can cause fights among the dogs.  Wear boots or old tennis shoes because the grass will usually be damp in the morning.  Bring coats, hats and gloves if you get cold easily.  It  WILL be windy, it always is.


Directions to the Haggard's farm in Celina, TX:   7655 Rawhide Rd, Celina, TX 75009  

From Dallas:

Take the Dallas North Tollway NORTH until it officially ends at US Hwy 380 at the north end of Frisco.  When the official Tollway ends, CONTINUE STRAIGHT across US 380  on the Tollway Extension (2 lane road.)  When the Tollway Extension dead ends at FM 428 in Celina, TURN RIGHT (East) on FM 428.  Follow 428 around the curves until it dead ends into FM455.  TURN LEFT (west) on FM 455 and continue around the curve about 1 mile and turn LEFT on County RD 9.  Go approximately 1/2 mile on RD 9 and turn LEFT onto Rawhide Rd.   (Look for the Lure Coursing signs.)  Go to the top of the second hill on the right hand side and 7655 on the mailbox.  Brick house, red barns, white fence.  You're there!   

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